TEDxYouth@Brum 2017 Official Videos

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Michael Conroy
Fight Your Power

Muna Ruumi
I Speak on a City, But I Cannot Do it Alone.

Jazmin Sawyers
Sometimes You Have to Quit to Win

Sarah Maple
The Freedom To Be Challenged

Trewin Restorick
Is Fast Fashion A Good Thing?

Amna Akhtar
You Are Not The Product Of Your Environment

Steffan Zachiyah
Design Yourself And Then Your Destination

Kehinde Andrews
How to stay radical within an institution.

Stephen Greene
Youth Engagement for Unusual Suspects

Michael Sani
It All Starts At Play

Daniel Glaser
How Do You See Yourself?

Saffiyah Khan
Be Active, Not An Activist

Hannah Prentice
Are you looking at my T.I.C's?