You Must Do The Thing You Think You Cannot Do

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According to most studies, the fear of death comes second to the fear of public speaking. Public speaking is apparently one of the biggest fears out there and fittingly, the theme of this year’s TEDxYouth@Brum event is ‘Courage’. As Eleanor Roosevelt once rightly said “You must do the thing you think you cannot do”. The speakers will be a key source of inspiration at the event and the mere delivery of their talks alone, will be great acts of courage.

We are so honoured and excited to be working with a range of inspiring people to give talks that could change their lives in the most profound way. The speakers, however, will not be in this alone. The speaker team will be guiding the speakers through the process right up to the day. From supporting the speakers to develop their content and slides, to working with them to polish their delivery, we will be ensuring that everything is set up for speakers to share their best ‘idea worth spreading’.

The speaker team includes coaches Mikayla and Priya and project manager, Ahlaam. Read some more about us and why we’re involved in TEDxYouth@Brum below.

Mikayla Jones: Loves supporting people actualise what they didn't think was possible through stretching their comfort zones. She is a professional development coach in training alongside being the Senior Programme Manager at the social mobility charity UpRising. Mikayla has joined the TEDxYouth@Brum team to be a part of an amazing movement of inspiration and bravery for the city she has always called home.

Priya Gondalia: Personal development coach and inspirational speaker. She works as a Youth Coach and Coordinator for Ambition Coventry’s YEI Programme, as well as a Business Advisor and Trainer at a Charity in the heart of Coventry. Priya is passionate about working with young people to increase their confidence and build high self-esteem; she is therefore very excited to be joining the amazing TEDxYouth@Brum team to coach and support inspiring people to courageously present their bright ideas.

Ahlaam Moledina: Student and creative who has a deep belief in the potential of young people. She co-produces a monthly film night in Birmingham called Yellow Wednesdays and is a member of the Beatfreeks Youth Steering Committee. Speaker Managing for TEDxYouth@Brum is something she never dreamed she’d have the opportunity to do, showing how important it is to showcase young people and their talents to get them where they want to be.

It is our collective belief in the potential of young people and our passion for supporting them to express that potential to the fullest, that drives us and excites us most about being a part of the TEDxYouth@Brum Speaker Team.

Everything from selecting the speakers to preparing them for their big moment will be no mean feat. Below we have outlined the key principles that we have been following on our quest for extraordinary speakers.

1.   TEDxYouth@Brum is about “Ideas worth spreading”, it is not about getting the best speakers or the most inspirational stories. In the words of Ted Speaker Susan Cain: “There is zero correlation between being the best talking and having the best ideas”.

We are looking for new and innovative ideas that will shift perceptions. We want the audience to come away with ideas and concepts that they can tinker with and use, not just inspirational stories and information about the speakers.  

2.   Mix it up. It is TEDxYouth@Brum’s first event and we’ve been looking for diversity and representation, with speakers from different demographics, ethnicities and backgrounds. The talks will also range from topics such as tech to education. Having confirmed nearly all of our speakers, we are proud to say that there is an amazingly diverse line up that we cannot wait to share with you!

3.   Research. Research. Research. As the speaker team, we have been doing our research. Knowing the speakers well will not only ensure that the speakers share their best ‘idea worth spreading’ but also means that the audience gets the best from the speakers on the day, and after as the videos take their own life online. We have also created a survey for the confirmed speakers to fill out so that we can know how best to support the speakers and assign the speakers to the coaches that will best suit their needs.

The speaker team are super excited about the speaker lineup and cannot wait to start coaching and supporting the speakers to give their best talk at TEDxYouth@Brum’s very first on Wednesday 11th October!

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Speaker Team

Priya Gondalia - Twitter: @PriyaGondalia ‏ 
Mikayla Jones - Twitter: @Mikayla_Sinead
Ahlaam Moledina - Twitter: @_ahlaamm