When Was The Last Time You Challenged Yourself?

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What is your biggest fear? Where did it come from? Have you ever hesitated before raising your hand to answer a question? Double, triple, quadruple checked to see if you had locked the doors? When was the last time you did something different, something that wasn’t confined to your usual routine? When was the last time you challenged yourself?

For many it takes courage to try something different. We are the outreach team, we aim to find you, delve into your most courageous stories - share them with your permission of course - or make tiny acts of courage together. As this is the first year, we aim to deliver workshops around the theme of "Courage", host open conversations, and to ignite the flame of courage that lies within you.

The outreach team consists of Zeddie Lawal, Jaz Morrison and Hauwa Ottun aswell as a strong team of champions who are trained and ready to deliver these acts of courage workshops with you. We believe that it’s not the act that defines courage, it's the internal experience that you overcome to break the boundaries you once faced.

If you want to sponsor your school or register for a TEDxYouth@Brum workshop, don’t hesitate, be courageous, send us an email and we be waiting.

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Outreach Team

Zeddie Lawal - Twitter: @ZeddieStage
Jaz Morrison - Twitter: @JazKanata
Hauwa Ottun

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