Visionary Leaders – The Enablers of TEDxYouth@Brum

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Launching something new, for our city, for our young people and for our future. This isn’t an easy task, but as is often said ‘If it was easy everyone would be doing it’. It takes numerous factors to bring together an event such as TEDxYouth@Brum. It takes vision, passion and a lot of time around your day job (who needs sleep?).

The volunteers that put so much effort into enabling TEDx to happen are a credit to our city, and by now you should know who they are (check them out here!), but I want to dedicate this space to those who back us.

There are hundreds of amazing causes, charities, events and projects in our city that are doing amazing work, and we are all asking for supporters. A personal connection can often be the link, or meeting someone at the right place or the right time, but sometimes it’s a bravery to support something you believe in.

We throw around the terms ‘ROI’ (return on investment for those who also hate acronyms) and all have a budget (who actually sticks to those?!) and these are always factors when organisations decide to undertake partnerships and sponsorships. However, once in a while, something comes along which your gut tells you is important, and we are so delighted that our sponsors are on board with us for our journey to launch the first ever TEDxYouth@Brum.

A new concept can be risky, but our sponsors have decided that the young people of Birmingham are worth it. Because of their support 200 young people from across the region will have the opportunity to watch 14 speakers and 9 performers who aim to inspire and challenge them.

If we are able to start thought provoking conversations with our young people now, can you imagine how far they will go? We live in a time of opportunity, but everyone should be shown the tools to be able to understand their path to success, however that looks for the individual.

So, to the pioneers who believe in the work of TEDxYouth@Brum, Birmingham Hippodrome, Aston University, GB Training, Southside BID, Grant Thornton, Wesleyan, Packt Publishing, John Lewis, Boatel, TP Apartments and our School Sponsors, thank you. Without you we would not be able to deliver this truly unique day. We are delighted that you are on this first journey with us, and can’t wait to see you October 11th.

There are still sponsorship opportunities available, please contact for further information (or look here.)

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Sponsorship Team

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