Turning Helplessness Into Courage

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Albert Einstein once said “any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex but it takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction”. And that is just what TEDxYouth@Brum is all about. Moving in the opposite direction.

When the news is filled with articles like “New curriculum could be disastrous”, “Robbers with knives strike at Birmingham jewellers” and never ending talks of the “Birmingham Bin Strike” it is easy to feel fearful, tired and helpless. But TEDxYouth@Brum dares its audience members to harness that energy and turn it into the courage needed to persevere and make good of bad situations.

Over the course of the last few months a bunch of young(ish) people, with a love for Birmingham, have been working hard to pull together the very first TEDxYouth@Brum. Three of whom include Leadh Woolley, Paige Jackson and Tara Buckley who make up the Guest Experience Team.

What is the Guest Experience Team? What do they do? Well, put simply, we are tasked with the exciting role of ensuring that you, as audience members, have the most incredible experience on the day. W've been pulling together important elements for the event - the bits that can be easily overlooked in the madness of creating a volunteer led event as big as this. So we have been asking ourselves practical questions like “how do we want guests to experience the space?”, “what do we want the space to look like?” and “how do we want guests to feel?”

As a team we could have decided to set up any kind of event but there is a reason we chose to run a TEDxYouth event. It is a chance for Birmingham to be part of an established global movement. And with running a TEDxYouth event there are guidelines and practices that we embrace and operate by.

We recognise that we cannot do this alone, and neither would we want to, so we have recruited a team of Champions to help us. Champions are the people that make sure you get the best out of your day at TEDxYouth@Brum. From giving you the warmest greeting, to making sure everything runs on time or just showing you where the toilets are… they will be there to help.

For us, it will all come together on the day. Our pay off will be the smile on the face of the first guest that walks through the doors of the Hippodrome. So we can’t wait to see you. Hopefully smiling.

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Guest Experience Team

Tara Buckley - Twitter: @TaraPBuckley
Leadh Woolley - Twitter: @Leadh_W
Paige Jackson - Twitter: @P_S_Jack